Join Dr Rob this Thursday as he discovers a whole spectrum of amazing scientific wonders in a very colourful episode of SCOPE! Learn about the relation of colour and poison in not one but two animals, learn what makes the big blue ocean… blue and find out about some cauliflower that is more colourful than you may have thought.

Poison Dart Frog
Join John from Adelaide Zoo as he tells you all about these South American, tropical, colourful amphibians that are not always as poisonous as their name suggests.

Some animals like to blend in, in order to hide from predators. However this creature prefers to stand out! Meet the nudibranch; a member of the mollusc family that uses its bright colours to warn predators of its toxicity. Tune in as Dr Karen explains what makes these colourful creatures so interesting!

DIY - Colourful Ice
Missy our junior scientist shows off a very colourful experiment to find out how ice cubes dissolve in fresh and salty water. All you’ll need is an ice cube tray a jug of water, food colouring, 2 identical glasses and some cooking salt and you too can try this experiment at home.

Watch this experiment now! Email us for experiment instructions

Coloured Cauliflower
Cauliflower is something that you’ve probably eaten many times before, however at Crust Farms they grow cauliflower a little differently. Join Brian as he explains how he’s able to grow purple, orange and white cauliflower!

Lorikeet Feeding
The colourful creature known as the rainbow lorikeet can be found all over Australia. Join Gillian from Lone Pine Sanctuary as she introduces you to some of the most playful, tame and colourful wild birds you’ll ever meet!

So join Dr Rob once again the ordinary becomes extraordinary, under the SCOPE.

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