EPISODE: 2/163 Science of B

This episode of Scope is brought to you by the letter B! We bring you the best, brightest and boldest science around. Be ‘in the know’ about bikes and how different builds are suited to different types of riding. Be blown away with some news on big balloons that are bringing internet to people in remote areas, and be bombarded with the facts on boa constrictor breeding. There’s also room to practice your balancing act in an experiment that is brimming with science magic! 

Bike Builds
Bikes are built in all different styles and sizes. But what exactly makes them different from one another? Jordan Roberts from FSR Industries demonstrates how different bikes are built specifically for different types of riding.

Scope in a Flash
Be blown away as Ted reports on a science project featuring big balloons! Google’s ‘Project Loon’ is designed to help people in remote areas access the internet.

Bones: Studying Fossils
We dig up and dust off this story on some very old bones! Dr Matthew McDowell from Flinders University shows us his Kangaroo Island fossil collection and shares his discoveries about the changes in animals over time.
Experiment – Balancing Act 
It’s all a balancing act in this experiment! Junior Scientist Josephine uses a drink can, some water and an unsuspecting friend and discovers the link between balance and gravity. Watch this experiment now! Email us for experiment instructions.

Breeding Boas
Get the lowdown on how big boa constrictors are bred! Kerry Bebbington from Gorge Wildlife Park takes us inside the boa enclosure to meet big boas, baby boas and chat about their breeding habits.

Biodiversity is a big part of any biologist’s job, and in this story we’ll find out exactly what it means. Nick Clemann from the Arthur Rylah Institute takes us back to basics and explains how and why scientists study the biodiversity of different habitats.

Be quick and join Dr Rob, as once again the ordinary becomes extraordinary, under the SCOPE. 

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