Scope Season 3 Episode 130 SCIENCE IN THE AIR


EPISODE: 3/130 Science in the Air

It’s odourless, colourless and it’s all around us! Join Lee on a brand new episode of SCOPE, as she explores the science that’s in the air. We head out to Australia’s second largest wind farm, we ascend to the clouds in a police helicopter and we use Bernoulli's principle to levitate a ping pong ball!

Wind Farm: There are many ways to generate electricity, but one of the cleanest and coolest is by wind! We catch up with Todd Mead from Trustpower as he walks us through the second largest wind farm in Australia!

Greenhouse Gas Monitoring: Agriculture emits more carbon dioxide than any other Australian industry! But how can we monitor its impact? Max de Antoni Migliorati from Queensland University of Technology has developed a clever device to do just that!

Police Air Wing: Whether it’s for crime prevention or for search and rescue missions, an eye in the sky is a valuable tool for any police department. Join Leading Senior Constable Steve Hargrave from Victoria Police, as he shows off some of the latest technology on board the Police Air Wing helicopter!

DIY Science – Ping Pong Levitator:
Levitation may sound impossible, but as junior scientist Jayden show us that with a ping pong ball, a hair dryer and a little science know-how, you too can defy gravity!

Watch this experiment now! Email us for experiment instructions!

Glossy Cockatoo Research: The glossy black-cockatoo used to populate Australia’s southern states but now they can only be found on South Australia’s Kangaroo Island. But thanks to Michael Barth from the Department of Environment Water Natural Resources, this endangered species could be making a comeback!

Airborne Research:
3D maps play a huge role in research projects around the world. But how are they made? We ascend into the clouds with Andrew McGrath from Airborne Research to create one of these maps using some amazing scanning technology!

So join Lee, up in the air, as the ordinary becomes extraordinary under the SCOPE!

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