Scope Season 3 Episode 064 SCIENCE IN MOTION


EPISODE: 3/064 Science in Motion

Science in Motion: Run, jump, move and groove your way into a “Scientrific” episode of SCOPE which is all about science in motion! Join Dr Rob as he ventures out of the bunker to discover a robot that keeps you safe, a Formula One racing team of the miniature variety and a car that knows exactly when to stop – all by itself!

Physics Experiments: Dr Rob takes a trip out to the University of Queensland to meet up with Engineer Dr Paul Meehan. Together they check out some of the coolest physics experiments science has to offer!

Bomb Squad: You hope you’ll never need them but when you do, you can rest assured you’re in safe hands with Sergeant Mick Gardiner from the Queensland Police Service Bomb Squad. Join him as he walks you through all the high-tech science that keeps you safe.

F1 Kids: It’s a Formula One racing team, but not as you know it. Freya, Christina, Tara-Lee and Bronte make up the ‘Infinite Racing’ F1 team from Redcliffe State High School that is putting the science of racing, to the test.

Baxter: What’s approximately two meters tall, has two arms and can see? Baxter! The learning robot. Join Chris Lehnert from the Queensland University of Technology as he explains how this amazing machine is helping to program the robots of tomorrow!

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