Scope Season 3 Episode 072 SCIENCE IN H2O


EPISODE: 3/072 Science in H2O

Science in H2O: Question: What’s one part oxygen and two parts hydrogen? Answer: Water! Question: What is one part whacky and two parts science? Answer: SCOPE! These two wonders of the scientific world collide on an episode all about the Science in H2O! We find out what it takes to look after a commercial aquarium, we hit the beach with a Hi-tech scientific observation kayak and we discover a brand new species of dolphin!

Life Support Systems: Around 10, 000 fish call the 2.2 million litre tank at Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium home, and for James Astley and the rest of the staff, taking care of all those creatures takes a lot of scientific know-how!

Fascinating Facts – Great White Sharks: Join Matt Waller from Adventure Bay Charters as he tells you some fascinating facts about the largest aquatic predator on the planet!

Science Kayak: ‘Surfs up’ may be welcome news to a surfer’s ear, but for Graziela Miot Da Silva from Flinders University it’s cause for concern. Join her out in the surf at Seacliff Beach to find out how coastal erosion is proving problematic for beaches all over the country!

DIY – H2O Experiments: Junior scientist Olivia shows us 3 mind blowing experiments all to do with the wonderful world of water.

Watch this experiment now! Email us for experiment instructions!

Robot Water Drone: Robotics expert Matthew Dunbabin tells us how his automated marine vehicles from the Queensland University of Technology are helping changing the way we monitor our waterways.

The Burrunan Dolphin: It’s not every day you discover a new species of marine life! But for Cecilia Passadore and Fernado Diaz-Aquirre, from Flinders University, that’s exactly what they’ve done! Join them off the coast of Port Lincoln as they tell you all about the new species of dolphin gracing Australia’s southern shores!

All that and more on a wet and wild episode of SCOPE; where the ordinary becomes extraordinary!

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