Scope Season 3 Episode 063 SCIENCE GALORE


EPISODE: 3/063 Science Galore

Science Galore: Welcome to an episode of Scope where too much science is barely enough! Learn exactly how to track a bushfire; discover some nifty tricks you can do with atmospheric pressure and learn how ants are helping scientists evacuate buildings!

Fire Tracking: Bushfires can often be devastating and unpredictable. For this reason, Nicholas McCarthy from The University of Queensland is studying how these fires behave to help make predicting their next move a little easier.

DIY - Air Pressure: Ever wondered how magicians do their tricks? Well it’s not magic, it’s just science. Join Daniel and Emily from the Westminster School to discover the ‘magic’ of atmospheric pressure.

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Dark Energy: Cosmology is the study of the entire universe and Professor Tamara Davis from The University of Queensland is studying the invisible force that’s pushing apart that universe!

Crowd Evacuation: Ants are some of nature’s greatest engineers, so it’s no surprise that scientists like Associate Professor Majid Sarvi from Monash University are studying them to help build safer structures in the future.

So tune in as Dr Rob once again proves that the ordinary becomes extraordinary, under the SCOPE.

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