Scope Season 3 Episode 062 PHYSICS 2

Physics 2

EPISODE: 3/062 Physics 2

Physics 2: Question: What body of laws and equations govern our entire universe? Answer: Physics! And that’s exactly what this episode of SCOPE is all about! We take a trip into outer space to learn all about gravity, there’s the science behind your favourite musical instruments and the physics that go into kicking a football! 

Astronomy 101: Gravity; it keeps you down to earth, literally! But did you know that it’s also responsible for keeping satellites, planets and even entire star systems in orbit! Join Duncan Waldron from the Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium as he drops even more astronomical knowledge about this rather monumental, galactic force!

Physics of Music: Physics may not be your first thought when jamming out to your favourite tune but there’s a whole host of science that goes into every note, beat and chord. Join Emma Perkins and Martin Phillipson from the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra as they explain exactly how their instruments work.

DIY Science – Speakers: Ever wanted to blast music from your phone but haven’t had speakers to do so? Fear not! Junior scientist Harry is here to show you how to make your very own DIY speaker from a cardboard tube and a couple of plastic bottles. 

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Physics of Footy: You may associate velocity, angels and rotation with science more than you do football but as AFL Umpire Jordan Bannister explains, they all play a vital role in making sure the ball makes it between the posts!

Physics of Crashing: You have to break a few eggs to make an omelette and you have to crash a few cars to make a safe vehicle. Join Daniel Wood from APV Tech Centre to find out exactly what it takes to make these cars as safe as possible!

Question: Where’s the one place you can get all your physical science know-how? Answer: SCOPE! Where the ordinary becomes extraordinary!

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