Scope Season 3 Episode 102 SCIENCE FOR THE MASSES


EPISODE: 3/102 Science for the Masses

Science for the Masses: Join Dr Rob as he brings science to the masses! We head out to meet the scientists of the future at the International Science Fair, we meet an award winning primary school teacher and we learn how you too can get involved in some very special citizen science!

International Science Fair: The next generation of scientists are already making their mark on the world and as Mark McTier from the John Monash Science School explains, the International Science Fair is an excellent opportunity for them to showcase their work on the world stage!

School Science: A love of science starts in the classroom! So getting kids excited about it at a young age is essential for creating the next generation of inventors, professors and doctors. Dr Rob heads out to Windaroo State Primary School to catch up with award-winning science teacher Rebecca Johnson!

DIY Science – Making Chalk: How do you teach science to the masses? One way is with a blackboard and some chalk. Don’t have any? Don’t stress! Junior scientist Hayley shows you how to make your very own!

Watch this experiment now! Email us for experiment instructions!

Sci-Tech Robotics:
Robots come in all shapes and sizes from the automated mechanical arms at a car manufacturer to the ones that vacuum our floors! They’re not going anywhere, and as Tim Schmitz and Ewa Lachowicz explain, learning how to code may become a vital skill as robots become more and more involved in our everyday lives!

Citizen Science: Science isn’t just limited to doctors in lab coats. As Andrew Lowe from the University of Adelaide explains, citizen scientists can be anybody! And they play a huge role in expanding our scientific understanding of the world.

All that and more on a collectively astounding episode of SCOPE, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary!

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