EPISODE: 3/106 Science Au Naturel:

Science Au Naturel: Sometimes it’s good to take a step back, smell the roses and appreciate all thing au naturel. On this special episode of SCOPE, we take an in-depth look at the natural world! There’s a sea plant revival, we learn how captive penguins keep cool and we travel around the world without actually leaving the room.

Crayweed Revival: Forests are an integral part of many ecosystems. But did you know they exist both above and below water? Join Dr Adriana Verges, Dr Alexandra Campbell and Dr Ziggy Marzinelli as they explain how they’re helping repopulate and maintain one of the largest underwater forests of the coast of Sydney.

Environmental Home: Houses come in all shapes and sizes; but this house is rather special. As Tony O’Connell from TS constructions explains this house is one of the most energy efficient in Australia!

DIY Science – Make a Terrarium: If you locked a plant away in a jar, you’d expect it to perish rather quickly. However, as DIY scientist Charlotte discovers, in a closed terrarium plants can recycle their old water almost indefinitely!

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Home Away from Home:
Australia’s climate is a far fetch from Antarctica’s frozen tundras. So how do you take care of Antarctica’s most famous birds when they call Australia home? Well, as Tanith Davis from Sea Life explains, it takes a lot of ice and a powerful freezer!

Virtual Reality Conservation: Imagine if you could travel all over the world without ever leaving your seat! What would you do? Well, Professor Kerrie Mengersen has that power in the form of virtual reality! And she’s using it to help save endangered animals around the world.

All that and more on an all-natural episode of SCOPE: where the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

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