EPISODE: 3/050 Rescue Science

Rescue Science: Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s SCOPE! Here to save the day with an episode all about Rescue Science! We take to the skies to save those lost at sea, some four legged search and rescue personnel lend a paw to the cause, and we dive to the depths to find out what it takes to be part of the police diving squad!

Rescue Dogs: Our canine companions have been lending a helping paw for over ten thousand years! This collaborative cooperation continues with Melody and her four-legged friend from the Urban Search And Rescue team as they demonstrate just why these animals are the perfect resource for finding people in need.

Fire Fighting: Fighting fires take a lot of practice, training and some pretty hi-tech kit! Join firefighter Megan from Queensland Fire and Emergency Services, as she runs you through some real life fire fighting scenarios to showcase exactly what it takes to extinguish an inferno.

DIY Science – Parachutes: Eggs away! Hayley and Tyler from Endeavour College discover the “egg-strodinary” science behind parachutes and air resistance!

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Surf Life Saving Chopper: The best way to stay safe in the surf is to swim between the flags, but when you drift astray these are the heroes that fly into action. Meet Andrew McNeily from the Queensland Surf Life Saving Chopper Squad as he takes to the skies in this amazing rescue machine!

Police Divers: Finding something you’ve lost in your house may not take long. But when you’re searching an underwater area the size of a football field, you’ll need to call in an expert! Thankfully that’s exactly what Mark Hoyer from Victoria Police Search and Rescue does day in and day out.

So join Dr Rob as he saves the day by once again proving that the ordinary can become extraordinary, under the SCOPE.

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