EPISODE: 3/005 Poo Power  

This week we turn SCOPE into the stinkiest science show around! Hold your nose as we put the science of poo under the scope. Visit a poo plant and find out what happens to your number 2’s when you flush the toilet. Check out an app that can be used to track doggy doo hot spots, and learn what happens to your food on ‘the way down’ when our Junior Scientist makes her very own digestion model.

Sewage Plant
If you’ve ever wondered what happens to your ‘business’ when you flush, then wonder no more! You’ll get the lowdown on everything brown when James Castle, Operations Manager from Unitywater, gives us a tour of a sewage treatment plant.

Zoo Poo
Find out how animal droppings can reveal a lot about the health of zoo animals. Fiona Ryan, Veterinary Hospital Manager from Melbourne Zoo collects and samples some giraffe poo and shares the results with us.

Poo Power: Dog Poo App
It’s power to the poop in this special project! Meet Duncan Chew from Poo Power! – a company that is hoping to turn dog waste into renewable energy. Find out how doggy doo could soon be powering the lights in local parks!

Experiment: DIY Digestion Model   
What goes in, must come out! Find out what this saying really means when Junior Scientist Erika makes her own digestion model using some bread, different liquids and stockings. Watch this experiment now! Email us for experiment instructions.  

Scientist Under The Scope: Gastroenterologist  
Meet Roger Yazbek, a Gastroenterologist and Researcher from the University of South Australia. We find out why Roger likes studying guts, what he does in his job, and who his science hero is.

Plop down, and join Dr Rob, as once again the ordinary becomes extraordinary, under the SCOPE.

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