EPISODE: 2/180 Plant Power

This week on SCOPE it’s power to the plants! In this episode we peer through the foliage to discover the science of the plant world. We meet some Zoo Horticulturalists who grow plants for the zoo animals’ diets and habitats. We sample a new fruity food being grown in Australia, and we go on the case with a scientist who solves plant disease mysteries!

Zoo Horticulture
It’s not just the animals that need to be taken care of at the zoo – the plants need some attention as well! Tom Millane and Rob Boekel, Horticulturalists at Melbourne Zoo, show us how they grow around 70 000 different types of plants especially for the zoo animals’ diets and habitats.

Boiling Point: the hottest in science news
Sally shares her favourite science stories from around the world. This week it’s shoes made from plant materials, car tyres inspired by wood and a very nutty milk invention!   

Red Bayberry
Taste test a new kind of berry being grown in Australia – the red bayberry! Professor Daryl Joyce from The University of Queensland takes us through the orchard and into the lab to check out how the berries are being grown in a new environment.

Experiment: Grass Heads
Junior Scientist Cassidy tries her hand at horticulture and grows some grass heads using a stocking, some cotton wool and some seeds. Watch this experiment now! Email us for experiment instructions. 

Lotus Flowers
Find out about a flower that can control its own temperature – just like animals and humans! Associate Professor Jenny Watling from The University of Adelaide introduces us to her studies on these pretty, and very clever, flowers!

Detecting Plant Diseases
Meet a scientist who helps farmers to rescue their plants from diseases. Dr Mark Blacket from the Department of Environment and Primary Industries lets us into his lab to see how he solves the mystery of unidentified plant pests!

Go green and join Dr Rob, as once again the ordinary becomes extraordinary, under the SCOPE.

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