Scope Season 3 Episode 065 PHYSICAL SCIENCE

Physical Science

EPISODE: 3/065 Physical Science

Physical Science: Grab your water bottle, put on your sneakers and start stretching for an episode of SCOPE all about the science of getting physical! We find out how to kick the perfect penalty, discover what exactly is in your sweat and explore the wild and wacky sport of canoe polo!

Heart rate Monitoring: Your blood’s pumping, the adrenaline’s rushing and your heart is firing on all cylinders! Heart rate is something that coaches have to keep an eye on to ensure the best performance from their athletes and Clint Bellenger from the University of South Australia is here to show us exactly how they do it!

Perfect Penalties: Blasting it into the top right corner or a controlled pass straight into the bottom left, when it comes to beating the keeper there are plenty of theories. Renowned football fanatic Dr Rob visited Andrew Hunter from the University of Queensland to put some of those theories to the test.

DIY – Bouncing Balls: Ever wondered why your favourite ball loses its bounce after going flat? Junior scientists Harry and Olivia investigate how air pressure impacts a ball’s bounce!

Watch this experiment now! Email us for experiment instructions!

Sweaty Science: When it comes to sports, it’s common knowledge that ‘you get out what you put in’. But for Kylie Andrews from the Victorian Institute of Sport it’s more a case of ‘you sweat out what you put in’!

Canoe Polo: Canoe, check. Paddle, check. Fun, check. Join junior athlete Harrison from Brother’s Canoe Club as he introduces us to the wild, wacky and wet sport of canoe polo!

So hop, skip and jump in front of the couch for a super sporty dose of science only on SCOPE, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary!

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