Scope Season 3 Episode 073 PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE


EPISODE: 3/073 Past, Present and Future!

Past Present and Future: This episode of SCOPE is all about the past, the present and the future! You could say things are getting pretty tense! Bad jokes aside, we take a look at some amazing shark fossils, we discover how satellite imaging helping us understand the current state of our planet and we explore the endless possibilities of a DNA drop test.

Shark Fossil: They are one of the oldest and most adept predators on the planet. But John Long from Flinders University has discovered a fossil that is turning the evolution of the shark on its head!

Fascinating Facts – Caves: Belinda Lotherington and Anita Simunovic join us from the Jenolan Caves west of Sydney to tell us all some of the fascinating facts that have made these 400 million year old subterranean lairs so popular.

DNA Testing: DNA isn’t just one of the fundamental building blocks of life, it can also help detect and prevent disease in living organisms. Professor Matt Trau and Professor Jimmy Botella from The University of Queensland are developing a DNA test to do the work of a lab in just one droplet.

DIY Science – Animal Tracks: Want to try your hand at some palaeontology? Junior scientist Pheobe is here to show you how to preserve a moment in time.

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DNA Database: Our DNA tells us a lot about ourselves and the DNA of our ancestors tells us a lot about our history as a species. Jimmy Breen from the University of Adelaide is creating the world’s first open access ancient DNA database.

Satellite Imagery: Satellites are one of the scientific wonders of the modern age and as Professor Paul Sutton from the University of South Australia explains, the images that these satellites take at night can tell us a lot about our lives.

All that and more on a brilliant episode of SCOPE; where the ordinary becomes extraordinary!

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