Season 3 Episode 097 OUT OF THIS WORLD


EPISODE: 3/097 Out of this World

Out of this World: 3, 2, 1 and lift off! On this episode of SCOPE we blast off into the space to scour the galaxy for science that literally is out of this world! We set off on a mission to Mars, find out what it takes to be an astronaut and we talk to the man behind the first hi-res photos of Pluto.

Mission to Mars: There are few places in our solar system as intriguing as Mars! We may be visiting the red planet in around 15 years but until then we’ll have to get in all the practice we can. That’s where Luca Bertolacci and the Victorian Space Science Education Centre’s space exploration simulator comes in handy!

Astronaut Exhibit: It takes an array of remarkable equipment to send humans into space! Join Rachael Hughes and Murray Dare from Western Australia’s SciTech, as they walk you through some of the amazing technology that’s needed when you’re floating amongst the stars!

DIY Science – Rocketology: A rocket launching into space is nothing more than a chemical reaction. Join junior Scientist Jacques as he uses a similar reaction to blast some film canisters sky high!

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ScopeChat – Pluto and Deep-space: Late in 2015 the ‘New Horizons’ probe whizzed by Pluto after a 9 year journey taking the most high resolution photos of the dwarf planet ever! Glen Nagle from the Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex catches up with Dr Rob via the Scope link to talk about this monumental moment in space travel.

Mercury Sensor: Mercury is not only a planet, it’s also a chemical found here on earth that’s causing more harm than good. Luckily Dr Justin Chalker from Flinders University is using orange rind to develop a material that can detect this chemical in water and soil!

All that and more on a positively astronomical episode of SCOPE where the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

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