Scope Season 3 Episode 114 THE NATURE OF SCOPE


EPISODE: 3/113 The Nature of Scope

The Nature of Scope: On this episode of SCOPE we get back to nature with some biological, geographical and meteorological science! We extract vitamin C from kiwi fruit, we discover what bugs populate Melbourne’s waterways and we take a look into the gross but oddly appetising world of edible insects.

Species Saving Science: Australia is home to a multitude of rare and even endangered species and scientists like Dr Andrew Weeks from The University of Melbourne are working on new ways to keep them around for future generations.

Plant Extraction: Vitamins are essential to all life, be it plant, animal or human! Dr Mark Harrison from the Queensland University of Technology explains how we’re able to find out what vitamins are found in what foods.

DIY Science – Rain Gauge: Rain can be annoying and can even ruin your plans! But there’s no arguing it plays a vital role in our ecosystem. Junior scientist shows you how to construct you’re very own rain gauge to monitor this important meteorological occurrence.

Water Bugs: Nature is constantly at work! To prove it Priya Crawford-Wilson from Melbourne Water heads out to Melbourne’s Darebin Creek to prove just how much life lurking beneath the surface!

Edible Insects: What’s your favourite food? Ice-cream? Pizza? How about cockroaches?! It may not sound appetizing but as Kerry Wilkinson from The University of Adelaide explains, insect meat could be the next big thing!

So join Dr Rob for an all-natural episode of SCOPE; where the ordinary becomes extra ordinary.

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