Scope Season 3 Episode 067 NATURE AT WORK


EPISODE: 3/067 Nature at Work

Nature at Work: Think working Monday to Friday is tough? Try working non-stop, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from now until the end of time! Nature doesn’t take a break and neither do we! On this episode we discover what it takes to raise a wombat by hand, learn all about a program to train dogs as bilby bodyguards and uncover the secret lives of platypuses thanks to some acoustic tagging!

Baby Wombat: Say hello to “Whispa” the adorable 15-month-old Wombat from Dreamworld’s Coroberee! It’s up to Wildlife Officer Alana Legge to make sure that little “Whispa” gets everything she needs to develop into a healthy adult.

K9 Bodyguard: Don’t let the lack of earpieces, shades and black suits fool you.  These clever canines are some of the best bandicoot bodyguards in the world! Join Rachel Lowry from Zoos Victoria as she explains how this ground-breaking new project is helping bring bilbies back from the brink of extinction!

DIY Science – Atmosphere: Atmospheric pressure is all around you, it’s the popping in your ears when you travel on a plane and it’s the force you feel when swimming underwater! Ashlin and Matt from Westminster School investigate this natural phenomenon.

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Platypus Acoustic Tracking: The platypus is one of Australia’s most elusive native species and therefore very difficult to track and survey. Dr Josh Griffiths from CESAR has developed a type of acoustic tracking system to find out what exactly these critters get up to in their spare time.

eDNA: Surveying an entire ecosystem can be both a timely and costly pursuit. For this reason, Rhys Coleman from Melbourne water, is developing a method of genetic sampling that could make this a thing of the past.

All that and more on a very medically sound episode of SCOPE; where the ordinary becomes extraordinary!

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