It’s an episode devoted entirely to the scientists of tomorrow this Thursday on yet another spectacular student science edition of SCOPE! Join Dr Rob as he takes a trip out to St Peters Lutheran College to find out what role your nose plays in taste, we travel to the University of Western Australia to meet some students and their autonomous race car and solve the mysteries of the cosmos with a universe simulator!

Centipede Milking
When you think of venomous creepy crawlies, medicine may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However that is exactly what Eivind Undheim from the University of Queensland is trying to create from the venom of the Chinese red-headed centipede.

Taste Test
Dr Rob visits St Peter’s Lutheran College to take over a lab of year 7 students to perform another one of his famous classroom experiments. This time, with his pureed fruit and nose pegs in hand, he’ll be investigating the role that your nose plays in tasting food.

Autonomous Electric Race Car
In the sport of Formula One, you usually need a good driver to cross the finish line first! However Martin from the University of Western Australia is hoping to make that a thing of the past by creating the world’s first ever self-driving, electric race car.

DIY – Juggling
Join junior scientist Lilli as she not only teaches you the basics of juggling but also how to make your very own set of juggling balls with nothing more than some empty bottles, balloons, rice, vinegar and bi-carb soda.

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Universe Simulator
Join Chris, Rick and Paul from the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research as they show you how they are using a series of super computers for a project that allows them to simulate the entire universe as we know it!

All that and more scientific student goodness when the ordinary becomes extraordinary, under the SCOPE.

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