Scope Season 3 Episode 078 MEDICINES CUTTING EDGE


EPISODE: 3/078 Medicine’s Cutting Edge

Medicine’s Cutting Edge: Strap yourself in as we stand on the edge – the Cutting Edge of Medicine.  Join Dr Rob as he delves deep into the amazing world of Medicine.  We dive sunny-side up into egg allergies, we look at the breakthrough that could help stop the spread of Influenza and we learn how to make some tasty plasma.

Cracking Egg Allergies: Did you know Egg Allergies are more common than peanut allergies?? Well neither did Dr Rob.  But Dr Tim Doran from the CSIRO did and now he’s trying to unscramble egg proteins to find a way of making eggs edible for everyone.

Influenza Trial: Sniffing, Sneezing and SNOT!!! There’s nothing worse than the winter blues but new technology could be the key to stopping Influenza in its tracks.  Nadine Smith from South Australia’s Health and Medical Research Institute is looking at a test that could stop the spread of Flu A or B in just 10 minutes!!

DIY Science – Fake Blood: Junior Scientist Olivia gives us the perfect recipe for concocting your very own fake blood!

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Malaria Breath Test: For a little insect, the Mosquito can cause quite the crisis.  Every year, millions of people around the world are struck down with Malaria.  But now there’s a simple breath test that could lead to early detection of this disease.  Dr Amalia Berna joins Dr Rob in the Bunker to tell him all about it.

Liftmor: There’s a reason we’re told to drink our milk! It makes our bones grow big and strong.  But what happens when they’re no longer tough? Assoc. Prof. Belinda Beck and Steve Watson from Griffith University are looking at how lifting weights could actually help not only your muscles, but your bones too!

All that and more on a jam-packed episode of SCOPE; where the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

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