Scope Season 3 Episode 139 MEDICAL WONDERS


EPISODE: 3/139 Medical Wonders

Medical Wonders: Join Lee for a brand new episode of SCOPE as we venture into the world of Medical Wonders! We find out what happens when biology and virtual reality collide, we learn how antibiotics are made and we visit the largest medical venom bank in Australia!

Malaria Breakthrough: Mosquitos aren’t just annoying; in some parts of the world they can also spread an infectious disease called Malaria. And that’s something that Dr Michelle Wykes and her team from QIMR Berrghofer Medical Research Institute are trying to put a stop to!

Skin Science: It’s the largest organ in the body, it’s totally waterproof and it keeps your insides in! Yep, our skin is pretty amazing! Dr Amy Holmes from the University of South Australia is studying how this brilliant biological barrier is able to keep out unwanted chemicals!

Medical VR:
Cancer cells are really small; like microscopically small! So how do you get a good look inside one? Virtually of course! Professor Rob Parton from the University of Queensland explains how he’s able to explore these medical wonders in 3D virtual reality!

DIY Science – Articulated Hand: Join junior scientists Alice and Claire as they explore the inner workings of the human hand by creating their very own articulated model! 

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Making Antibiotics:
Join molecular biologist Angie Jarrad from the University of Queensland as she hunts for an antibiotic superhero to fight a new generation of superbugs!

Venom Bank:
Imagine if the deadliest venoms in the world could be used to cure some of the most fatal diseases! Well, thanks to Dr Maria Ikonomopoulou from QIMR Berrghofer Medical Research Institute that could soon become a reality!

All that and more on a medically marvelous episode of SCOPE, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary!

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