Scope Season 3 Episode 101 MEDICAL MATTERS


EPISODE: 3/101 Medical Matters

Medical Matters: It’s all about matters medical on this episode of SCOPE with your weekly dose of science! We get under your skin with some cool medical tech, we see how a robotic hand may be the future of prosthetics and we meet Nao, the robotic physiotherapist helping kids exercise!

Accuvein: Have you ever wanted x-ray vision? Well, as Abbey Creek from the Prince Charles Hospital explains, this very special piece of medical equipment gives her the ability to literally see what’s happening under your skin.

3D Printed Pelvis: The pelvis is one of the most complicated bones in the human body. So it’s probably a good idea surgeons like Dr Nicola Ward from the Princess Alexandra Hospital have all the best tools to plan out their operations. As it turns out, one of those tools is a 3D printer!

Robotic Prosthetic: Lex Van Cooten and Fabian Vasuian from the University of Queensland robotics club are part of a team who are creating a robot that’s literally giving a helping hand to amputees.

DIY Science – Body Trick:
The human body is an amazing thing, but as junior scientist Thomas explains, that doesn’t mean it can’t be fooled!

Seaweed Science:
When asked about seaweed you might think of sushi or that slimy stuff at the beach. But if you ask Andrew Lorbeer from Flinders University he’d explain that this marine vegetation is more useful than you might think!

Rehab Robot: When you have a bad back, you visit someone called a physiotherapist. But according to Dr Chris McCarthy from Swinburne University of Technology, the physiotherapist you visit in the future may not be a ‘someone’ at all!

All that and more on a perfectly prescribed episode of SCOPE, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary!