Scope Season 3 Episode 060 MEDICAL MARVELS


EPISODE: 3/060 Medical Marvels

Medical Marvels: Your body is a temple, and that temple is teaming with science! On this episode of SCOPE discover why we are the way we are and all the amazing science that goes into keeping us in tip top shape. We take a look at the robotic surgeons of the future, discover the amazing world of skin and head back to university to discover how they’re training the paramedics of the future.

Da Vinci Robot: Robotic surgery may sound like science fiction, but it’s a medical reality for Dr Peter Sutherland from St Andrew’s Hospital and all the patients he’s helped over the past 11 years thanks to this amazing piece of medical machinery.

Dr Rhys – Skin Facts: Join our favorite medical student turned doctor, Rhys, as he goes skin deep to learn all about the essential organ that covers us from head to toe.

DIY – Plaster Cast: Why do you need a plaster cast when you break your arm? Junior reporter Ruby heads out to visit Dr Richard Vucinic to get all the answers!

Paramedics of the Future: Although you never want to see them, when you need them, they’re a welcome sight. Join Dr Scott Devenish from the Queensland University of Technology as he teaches you all about the tools and training that goes into developing the paramedics of tomorrow.

Dancing with Parkinson’s: Say hello to dancer Erica Rose Jeffrey from Queensland Ballet Company and neuroscientist Dr Graham Kerr from Queensland University of Technology, two experts from vastly different fields working in tandem to tackle a single, debilitating medical condition.

So join the very human Dr Rob, as once again the ordinary becomes extraordinary, under the SCOPE.

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