EPISODE: 3/038 Marine Animals

Get ready to make a big splash as we dive into the science behind the wildlife that populates our oceans. We get up close and personal with a pod of humpback whales on the east coast of Australia, we explore the extraordinary eye sight of the mantis shrimp and Dr Rob visits Tangalooma to learn all about the diet of the bottlenose dolphin first hand.

Up Close with Whales
Dan Hart from Sunreef takes us on a maritime adventure to swim with a pod of majestic humpback whales. While Dr Deborah Scott from the University of the Sunshine Coast shows us how she studies whale communication by recording their songs.

Mantis Shrimp
There are a lot of things that make the mantis shrimp so incredible but their most impressive feature might just be their eyes. Dr Justin Marshall from the University of Queensland tells us all about the out of this world eyesight of these cool marine creatures.

DIY Science – Blubber
When you get cold you’d probably want to snuggle up in your warmest blanket. But marine animals who live in really cold climates have an even better solution, Blubber! So, junior scientist Phoebe checks out exactly how blubber works.

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Dolphin Feeding
Dr Rob catches up with Eco Ranger Luke Willis from Tangalooma Island Resort for a night time feeding frenzy on Moreton Island. Learn all about the lifestyle, diet and conservation efforts of the wild bottlenose dolphin as Dr Rob prepares them a fishy feast.

Marine Invertebrates Shells
Pearls are a natural wonder which humans have admired for centuries. Dr Carmel McDougall and her team from the University of Queensland have been researching exactly what it is that makes a great pearl and how we might be able to replicate that in the future!

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