EPISODE: 2/177 Marine Mania

In this episode of SCOPE we are mad for everything marine! Set sail for the oceans of Antarctica with a young scientist who is studying ocean acidification, cast a line with a jellyfish scientist in search of new jellyfish species, and tackle some marine debris with a Marine Ecologist. And if you’ve caught a case of marine mania, don’t worry because there’s a salty science experiment for every budding scientist to try!  

Ocean Acidification
Meet a cool young scientist who is studying very cool water! Nick Roden, PhD student at CSIRO Oceans Flagship, tells us about his research adventures in chilly Antarctica and why he is studying ocean acidification.

Boiling Point: the hottest in science news
Sally shares her favourite science stories from around the world. This week it’s fart-filtering underwear, an underwater hotel room in Tanzania and a super-fast rocket powered bike from France. 

Jellyfish Discoveries
Step inside the lab of a jellyfish scientist who has discovered over 180 new jellyfish species! Lisa-Ann Gershwin from CSIRO shows us how she collects and identifies new species of her favourite marine creatures.

Scientist Under The Scope
Meet Matt Hoare, a Research Scientist from SARDI Aquatic Sciences. Find out what crustacean Matt is crazy for, which marine animal he’d love to own as a pet and what his favourite scientific instrument is.

Experiment: Colourful Density Straw  
Make your very own rainbow in a straw! Junior Scientist Lilli creates a very colourful density column using some salty water, food dye and a straw. Watch this experiment now! Email us for experiment instructions.  

Marine Debris Project
Scan the beach for marine debris with Dr Denise Hardesty, a Marine Ecologist from CSIRO. Denise reveals how her research is making our oceans a safer place for the creatures that call it home.

All aboard the science ship and join Captain Rob, as once again the ordinary becomes extraordinary, under the SCOPE.

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