EPISODE: 3/044 Machines

Machines: Get set for an episode dedicated entirely to the mechanical magnificence of machines. We go behind the scenes at a textile factory, look at fighting fires from the sky and experience running in zero gravity.

Textile Factory: There’s a multitude of magnificent machines that go into making the clothes on your back. From the knitter to the strainer John Agius from Technical Fabric Services gives us a rundown of all the machines that go into making nylon elastain.

Heli-Tanker: There are a lot of talented people in the Country Fire Service, but there’s one fire fighter who soars above the rest, literally! Meet Delilah the heli-tanker and her pilot Jesse Naiman and find out just how this unlikely hero goes about extinguishing Australia’s biggest fires!

DIY Science Paper Planes: What’s your favourite design? The pointer, the bulldog, the loop de looper? Well Matthew Bateman and Harsh Patel from the Australian Science and Mathematics School are about to put them all to the test and determine once and for all which the best paper plane design is.

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Anti-Gravity Treadmill: An anti-gravity treadmill may sound like science fiction but at the Queensland Sports and Athletics Centre it’s science fact! David Watts explains how this high tech machine is helping injured athletes get back on their feet.

Hot Rot: 220 tons of elephant poo may not be the most pleasant aspect of Melbourne Zoo but Tom Meek and his Hot Rot machine work every day to turn this smelly slop into constructive compost.

So oil up those cogs, fire up the engine and tune in your transmitter as Dr Rob demonstrates once again how the ordinary becomes extraordinary, under the SCOPE!

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