EPISODE: 3/055 Life Cycles

Life Cycles: This week on SCOPE it’s all about the way we’re born, the way we live and the way we give rise to new generations in an all-encompassing episode about Life Cycles! We dive into a colony of King Penguins to learn all about the longest breeding cycle on the planet, we uncover the fascinating world of native stingless bees and we stick with a man with some rather unusual insects!

King Penguin Breeding: With a broad chest, bright orange ear patches and a well-rounded beak, King Penguins are by far some of the most interesting creatures.
But as Tanith Davis from SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium explains, their life cycles are pretty amazing too!

Bee Rentals: Bee in the know with a crash course on pollination with Tim Heard from Sugarbag! Learn all about how his native stingless bees perpetuate the lifecycle of an entire ecosystem!

DIY Science – Butterfly Lifecycles: Junior Scientist Harry catches up with his fluttery friends to observe one of the most iconic life cycles in the animal kingdom.

Watch this experiment now! Email us for experiment instructions!

Lord Howe Stick Insects: Rohan Cleave from Melbourne Zoo tells us all about an incredibly rare insect that’s back from the brink of extinction!

Marsupials: These weird and wonderful creatures stand out from the rest of the animal kingdom in many interesting and unique ways, one of which being how they reproduce! Alex Carr from Gorge Wildlife Park takes us through the extraordinary life cycles of our native, marsupial friends.

All this and more when Dr Rob proves once again that the ordinary can become extraordinary, under the SCOPE!

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