It’s all about fresh bodies of water on this episode of Scope. Join Dr Rob as he straps on water skis to learn what it takes to glide along water. We see what is being done to save the Western Swamp Tortoise from extinction and get the scoop on the latest research being done on Australia’s iconic marsupial… the platypus.

Platypus Survey

The lakes, rivers and swamps of Australia hold some pretty unique wildlife. But the platypus has to rank as the most peculiar of them all! Join Jessica Thomas from Healesville Sanctuary as she tells you all about these amazing creatures and some of the ground breaking research that they’re taking part in.

River Health

Rivers and lakes are not only great for picnics and boating, they also provide an essential habitat for many bird and animal species. For this reason it is very important to keep them in tip top shape, luckily Priya Crawford- Wilson from Melbourne Water is here to show us how to do just that.

Western Swamp Tortoise

The Western Swamp Tortoise… as its name suggests, is only found in Western Australia and unfortunately they are on the brink of extinction.  Thankfully Lesley Shaw from Perth Zoo is working to keep these guys around for a lot longer.

DIY Science Desalination

Salt water makes up 97% of the earth’s water supply leaving only 3% fresh! To even the scores, junior scientist Audrey will be showing you how to covert some of that salt water into delicious drinkable fresh water!

Watch this experiment now! Email us for instructions!

Litter Traps

The Yarra River that runs through the heart of Melbourne provides 70% of the city’s water and is home to hundreds of plants and animals. These are just a couple of reasons why the Rangers from Parks Victoria are works hard to keep it free from litter, and they have a cool contraption to help them do that.

So dip your toes into the warm waters of aquatic science episode. When the ordinary becomes extraordinary, under the scope.

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