Get set for a massive episode of SCOPE all about the science of islands, brought to you from the picturesque township of Tangalooma! Join Dr Rob as he learns all about the shipwrecks and sand dunes of Moreton Island, take a look at the ecology of North Stradbroke Island and find out why the Quokka population of Rottnest Island is thriving.

North Stradbroke Ecology
Islands can be a fun place to visit but did you know that they are also home to a whole ecosystem of unique plants and animals. Join Dr Robbie Wilson, from the University of Queensland as he takes you on a tour of one of his favourite islands, North Stradbroke, and the wildlife that can be found there.

Seal Rocks Research
Penguins aren’t the only unique animal that populate Phillips Island, off the coast of Victoria. Join Dr Rebecca McIntosh from Phillip Island Nature Parks, as she walks you through some of the amazing research that she has been doing with a large colony of Fur Seals that live on this rocky isle.

DIY Science – Compass
When you are lost on a desert island the first thing you would want to know is which way is which. Luckily junior scientist Lilli is answering that question by building her own very compass.

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We’re off to Rottnest Island, just off the coast of Western Australia, where an incredibly cute and curious member of the marsupial family lives. Join Helen Jones as she tells you all about this one of a kind island dwelling creatures!

Desert Safari
This week Dr Rob is out and about on an island of his own, Moreton Island to be exact.  But this sand island comes with its very own desert. Luckily for Dr Rob, Eco-Ranger Chris Beattie from the Tangalooma Island Resort is here to answer all the quandaries one could possibly have about this desert in the middle of an ocean.

So make sure to tune in for this island extravaganza when the ordinary becomes extraordinary, under the SCOPE.

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