EPISODE: 3/052 Interesting Vehicles

Interesting Vehicles:

Whether it’s on two wheels, four wheels or no wheels at all, if it’s got a hint of interesting you can bet it’ll be on this episode of SCOPE all about interesting vehicles! We take to the skies in a plane with no engine, hit the streets in an amazing Gum Removal Vehicle and take a ride on the longest bicycle in the world!

Glider – A plane with no engine may sound like a dangerous endeavor but for Justin Prince and the rest of the pilots at the Boonah Gliding Club it’s just another day on the job.

Gum Removal Vehicle – That stubborn piece of gum on the sidewalk may look like it’s there for good. But with a little intuition, some super-heated steam and only 3 liters of water Neil Hodkinson and his invention, the Gum Removal Vehicle can eradicate it once and for all.

World’s Longest Bike – A bike usually seats one person. But Mattew Sendi from the University of South Australia and his bike can handle up to twenty! Join him as he explains how he designed and built this record breaking bicycle.

DIY Science: Wind-Up Racer – Ever wanted to build your own race-car? Well Hayley and Tyler from Endeavour College are back to show you how to build the next best thing, a wind-up racer.

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Airbus A-400M ATLAS – Weighing in at 76,500 kg with a wingspan of almost 50m this is nothing short of a goliath plane! Join Major Eric from the French Air Force as he walks you through what makes this plane so incredibly interesting!

So strap in and buckle up for an action-packed episode of SCOPE; where the ordinary becomes extraordinary!

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