EPISODE: 3/043 Interesting Animals

Interesting Animals: From panthers to plankton, eagles to elephants, animals come in all shapes and sizes and on this episode we’re showcasing the ones that spiked our interest! Say hello to Maly the sun bear, learn all about the disturbingly fascinating world of animal scat and discover how bees make up their minds!

Sun Bear Enrichment: She may only be one and a half meters long but keeping Maly the Malayan sun bear healthy and active is one tall order. Join Jarrod Schenk from QLD Zoo as he explains some of the enrichments activities used to keep this bear’s mind, body and soul in tip-top shape.

Scat Field Work: Animal droppings may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about interesting animals however, as Matt Traeger and Ellie Morkunas from Flinders University explain, you can learn a lot about an animal from what it leaves behind.

Bees Pay Attention: How do bees make up their minds? Matthew Van De Poll from the University of Queensland has been dropping bees into a virtual reality in which they must use their human-like brains to make clear-cut decisions to answer this very question!

Throat Colours in Tawny Dragons: You may blush red when embarrassed or look particularly pale when it gets chilly but it’s nothing compared to the yellow, orange and blue throat colour variants of the South Australian Tawny Dragon that Dr Claire Mclean from the University of Melbourne has been studying for the past 5 years.

Learn all about these interesting animals and more in yet another jam packed episode of SCOPE, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

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