Interesing Sports 2

Interesing Sports 2

EPISODE: 3/053 Interesting Sports 2

Physics: On this episode of SCOPE we’ll be pointing our microscope in the direction of some weird and wonderful sports! We bounce our way into the science behind the Olympic sport of trampolining, there’s some skydiving but not as you know it and we discover what it takes to become a stunt pilot!

Trampolining: Bounce your way into the science of trampolining with Olympic athlete Blake Gaudry from Gymnastics South Australia.

Indoor Skydiving: Skydiving indoors may sound like science fiction but Matt Boag and the people at iFly Downunder are turning it into science fact!

DIY Science - Skipping: DIY scientists Phoebe and Tom draw the battlelines in their bid to determine once and for all the best length rope for skipping.

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Melissa Pemberton: Flipping, spinning and tumbling through the air is all in a day’s work when you’re one of the worlds’s top aerobatic pilots and Melissa Pemberton from Immortals Aerobatic Team is exactly that.

Kicking and passing a football with your friends may seem like second nature, but for Australia’s visually impaired people it’s a real struggle, a struggle that Dr Surya Singh from the University of Queensland is hoping to put a stop to!

For an athletic, aerobic and all round amazing workout join Dr Rob, as once again the ordinary becomes extraordinary, under the SCOPE.

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