Scope Season 3 Episode 091 INS AND OUTS OF SCIENCE


EPISODE: 3/091 In’s and Out’s of Science

In’s and Out’s of Science: Newton's third law of motion states; what goes up must come down, and in the same vein what goes in must come out! On this episode of SCOPE we take a journey through the digestive tract and beyond! We find out how our vegetables get from paddock to plate, we discover how food is broken down when chewing and we take a look at what happens after we flush the toilet by visiting a sewerage plant.

Brussels Sprouts: Brussels sprouts may not be your favourite food, but after Leigh Samwell takes you through the planting and harvesting process out at Eastbrook Vegetable Farms you’ll have a new found respect for the little vegetable that could.

Coloured Cauliflower: Cauliflower is something you’ve probably eaten many times before, however at Crust Farms they grow cauliflower a little differently. Join Brian as he explains how he’s able to grow purple, orange and white cauliflower!

DIY – Strawberry DNA: Satisfy your sweet tooth as Junior Scientist Elizabeth extracts the DNA out of sumptuous strawberries!

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Chewing Modelling:
Get ready to see food in a whole new way! Check out a smart and science-y simulator that can teach researchers all about chewing. Dr Simon Harrison, a Biomechanical Engineer from the CSIRO, shows us how it works.

Sewerage Plant:
If you’ve ever wondered what happens to your ‘business’ when you flush, then wonder no more! You’ll get the lowdown on everything brown when James Castle, Operations Manager from Unitywater, gives us a tour of a sewage treatment plant.

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