Human Science

Human Science

EPISODE: 3/048 Human Science

Human Science: Your body is a temple, and that temple is teaming with science! Join Dr Rob as we discover why we are, the way we are. We check in with our favorite medical student turned doctor for some fun body facts about the nose, there’s some eyes of the bionic variety and a computer that can read your mind!

Body Facts: We’re joined once again by our favourite medical student turned doctor; Rhys! He’s returned to share with you some of the fascinating facts about that appendage on the front of your face; your noes!

Fast Lane Swimming: Monitoring and improving expert swimmers can be tricky. But that’s exactly what swimming physiologists Lachlan Mitchell and Kirstin Morris do every day using a variety of submersible scientific sporting gadgets!

DIY Science – Hand Bacteria: Like it or not your hands are crawling with lots of little critters! How can we prove it? With some jelly, soap and junior scientist Luci of course!

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Bionic Eyes: Helping the blind see with robotic eyes may sound like science fiction but for Dr Lauren Ayton from the Center for Eye Research Australia and Dr Matt Petoe from the Bionics Institute it’s science fact!

Brain Computer: Your brain is an amazing organ that controls your entire body! Now, thanks to Sam Darvishi from Adelaide University, that’s not the only thing you can control with your mind!

So join the very human Dr Rob, as once again the ordinary becomes extraordinary, under the SCOPE.

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