EPISODE: 3/003 Hot and Cold

This week on SCOPE we bring you what’s cool and what’s hot in science – literally! We chill out in a factory that makes ice, and keep cool with a scientist who has the coldest job at the zoo – looking after penguins. We then warm up with a blacksmith who shows us how hot gold is poured and solidified, and then head over to a bakery to check out how heat, dough and science are all important in making delicious hot bread.

Ice Factory
Chill out in an ice factory and find out how 140 000 litres of water is turned to ice each day! Michael Goonan from Adelaide Ice Service shows us the science in his cool factory.

Scientist Under The Scope: Penguin Keeper
Meet Sarina Walsh, a Biologist and Bird Manager at Sea Life, Melbourne Aquarium. Sarina has the chilly chore of caring for the aquarium’s penguins. We find out what Sarina does each day, and she also reveals what the best part of her job is and which scientific instrument she couldn’t live without!

Gold Pour
Warm up in a Battery House where gold is smelted to 1200 degrees Celsius! Katrina Hill, Industrial Blacksmith at Sovereign Hill, makes a pure bar of gold using the heat of a furnace and the cold of a water trough.

Experiment: Hot Water vs Cold Water
Junior Scientist Phoebe experiments with some hot and cold water and food dye to learn a thing or two about density! Watch this experiment now! Email us for experiment instructions.

Find out how heat, dough and science can make delicious hot bread! James and Fanis Katsarelias from Wild Loaf at the Adelaide Central Market take us inside their kitchen where we find out how microorganisms and fermentation play a part in the bread-making process!

Cool down, warm up, and join Dr Rob, as once again the ordinary becomes extraordinary, under the SCOPE.

Watch Scope Season 3 Episode 003 HOT AND COLD now!