EPISODE: 3/059 Hi-Tech Science

Hi-Tech Science: Configure your brainwaves for a very technological episode of SCOPE in which we explore the latest and greatest in Hi-Tech science! Find out what all the fuss is about with robotic vision, learn how to go skydiving without leaving the ground and discover how the farmers of the future may in fact be robots!

Robotic Vision:
We use our eyes every single day, from walking down the street to driving a car! So in order to design, program and build the smart robots of the future Peter Corke from the Queensland University of Technology will have to first help them see.

Nao: This humanoid robot can walk the walk and talk the talk, in fact it can even be programmed to drive a car! Join Gavin Suddrey from QUT as he shows off his walking, talking, driving robot; Nao!

Virtual Parachute: Parachuting without a parachute may sound like a contradiction of terms but in the world of virtual reality anything is possible! David Banks from Pennant Australia shows you how to go parachuting without even leaving the ground.

DIY – Smartphone Projector:
Ever wanted your very own movie theatre? Junior scientists India and Luci show you how to make a simple projector using your smartphone and a shoebox!

Watch this experiment now! Email us for experiment instructions!

3D Printed Jet Engine: It’s a world first! Join Dr Tom Jarvis from the Monash Centre for Additive Manufacturing as he explains the science behind building the world’s first 3D printed jet engine.

AgBot II: The future of farming may very well be the work of robots and one of the robots leading the pack is the AgBot II from the Queensland University of Technology. Professor Tristan Perez tells us all about how this amazing machine is revolutionising the way we farm crops.

So don’t forget to turn on some televisual technology and join Dr Rob as once again the ordinary becomes extraordinary, under the SCOPE.

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