EPISODE: 3/040 Helpful Science

Helpful Science: I hope you are in a helpful mood for this episode of Scope, which is dedicated entirely to science that helps! Meet a robot who can do your household chores, there are flumes to help fish move around more freely, a farm full of algae to feed the cattle and a clever design that uses a chip packet to clean water.

Baxter – The robots are taking over! Meet BAXTER, the one meter tall, two armed robot helping students like David Wisth at the University of Melbourne better understand the fundamentals of robotics.

Fish Flume – How can we help our fishy friends get to where they need to go? That’s the question researcher Breeana Heaslip from the University of Queensland has been trying to answer for the past year with her state of the art fish flume!

Algae Farm – Green slime that grows in swamps may not sound very appetising to you or me but to cows, it’s a real feast. Professor Peer Schenk from the University of Queensland is growing fifteen kilograms a day to help keep cattle full all year round!

DIY Science – Recycled Paper – Lend a helping hand to the environment and practice sustainable living by learning how to recycle your old paper into new usable sheets with junior scientist Hayley.

Watch this experiment now! Email us for experiment instructions!

Chip Packet Water Cleaner – You might want to think twice before you throw out your next chip packet, because engineering students at the University of Adelaide are working out a way to re-use it to purify water.

Cook Stove – It’s time to light stuff on fire with some students from the University of Adelaide, as they develop a low-cost, highly-efficient cook stove for the developing world!

So lend a helping hand and join us for another episode of SCOPE, where the ordinary becomes extra ordinary.

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