Scope Season 3 Episode 135 GOING FOR GOLD

Going for Gold

EPISODE: 3/135 Going for Gold

Going for Gold: On your marks, get set, GO! Join Lee as she races towards the finish line in this super sporty episode of SCOPE! We’ll use motion tracking to analysis the biomechanics of golf, we’ll make a gold medal out of dough and we’ll catch up with an Olympic marathon runner! 

Ice Skating: We take a look at the head-spinning physics of figure skating with Dorothy Bisset from O’Brien Arena!

Heat Training: When it comes to athletic training, sometimes the best thing to do is turn up the heat! But is it better to train in dry or humid heat? Well, that’s the very question Dr Jamie Stanley and Sam Tebeck from the South Australian Sports Institute have been trying to figure out!

Perfect Swing: Motion tracking is used in all sorts of sports to help athletes reach their peak! Join Dr Sean Horan from Griffith University, as he explains how this amazing technology is helping reduce injuries in one of the most popular recreational sports in the world; golf!

DIY Science – Gold Medal: You don’t have to go to the Olympics to get a gold medal! As junior scientist Hayley demonstrates, you can make your very own gold medal at home with some dough, gold paint and some scientific know how!

Marathon Man: We meet Olympic marathon runner Liam Adams, as he explains how he used science to compete with some of the best runners in the world.

Swimming Turn: Australia’s elite swimmers make speeding through the water look effortless! But as Dr Elaine Tor from the Victorian Institute of Sport explains, a lot of science goes into making these athletes the fastest swimmers in the pool!

All that and more on a super sporty episode of SCOPE: where the ordinary becomes extraordinary!