EPISODE: 2/173 Getting Sporty

It’s time to warm up and take your positions as SCOPE gets sporty! Brace yourself for some windy watery science as we discover kite surfing, practice some science-y slam dunks with our shooting hoops experiment, and find out why a new kayak machine could help elite kayakers sprint faster! And if you’re keen for more action we learn about a new skateboard that can travel down stairways!

Kite Surfing
Discover a whole new take on surfing that involves a giant kite! Jordan Roberts from FSR Industries tells us all we need to know about this extreme sport and shows us a few tricks.

Scope in a Flash: Staircase Skateboard
Hang ten with Ted Petrie as he reports on the Stair Rover – a skateboard that can navigate down staircases with ease.

Knee Injury Research
Spend some time in a sports research lab! Physiotherapist Adam Culvenor from The University of Queensland explains how and why he is studying ways to help athletes recover from ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) injuries.

Experiment: Shooting Hoops  
Find out how to shoot hoops like a pro! Students from Endeavour College experiment with shooting basketballs from different angles and find out which hand position gives the best results.

Scientists Under The Scope
Meet Nick, Tom and Elsa, sports engineering students from The University of Adelaide. The trio chat about the rock climbing wall they built as a final year project, share some science trivia and tell us why they think science is awesome.

Kayak Machine
Get the latest on some technology that could help kayakers perform better than ever! Jack, Amy, Ben and Tim, sports engineering students from The University of Adelaide reveal the science secrets of their new machine.

Warm the bench and join Dr Rob, as once again the ordinary becomes extraordinary, under the SCOPE.

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