Scope Season 3 Episode 086 FUTURISTIC TECHNOLOGY

Futuristic Tech

EPISODE: 3/086 Futuristic Technology

Futuristic Tech: On this episode of Scope we explore some of the amazing tech we’re likely to see in our future! We take a look at a new form of energy storage, we step into the future of skin checks with a 3D skin scanner and we take to the skies with a drone that’s helping archaeologists map dinosaur tracks!

Future Batteries: From powering our phones to starting our cars, batteries are part of our everyday lives and as Cameron Shearer from Flinders University explains how the way we develop and design batteries in the future is only going to get smarter and more efficient.

Up and Learn:
Sitting or standing. What’s more preferable if you’re trying to concentrate and learn? It’s a fair question and one Professor Jo Salmon is trying to answer with help from the students of Northcote High School.

3D Skin Scanner:
We all know slip, slop and slap is the best way to protect yourself from the sun’s harsh rays. But it’s equally important to check your skin for potential skin cancers. Thanks to Dr Tarl Prow from the Princess Alexandra Hospital and his 3D Skin Scanner, that job is becoming a lot easier.

Dino Drone:
Archaeologist often look down to find answers about our pre-historic past. But for Dr Anthony Romilio and Dr Steve Salisbury they’ve started looking up and taken to the skies with their new, revolutionary gadget; the “Dino Drone”.

So see you there, in the future, where we prove once again that the ordinary becomes extraordinary, under the SCOPE!

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