This week on SCOPE it’s all about having fun which is why Dr Rob has taken it upon himself to embark on a scientific expedition to Dreamworld on the Gold Coast to learn all about the science behind your favourite theme park rides. On top of this we’ll be discovering how seals are able to perform so masterfully on cue, we’ll be taking to the sky to find out just how a hang glider hangs and glides and we’ll be investigating some of the science behind the circus with some astonishing aerial acrobatics.

Seal Training
Have you ever seen a trained seal in action and wondered how such an unusual marine creature could be so talented? Well, be sure to join mammal keeper Alana from Seaworld on the Gold Coast as she takes you behind the scenes of one of the biggest seal show in Australia!

Hang Gliding

Soaring through the sky isn’t a luxury reserved for the winged creatures of the animal kingdom, with the right equipment you too can ride the wind and glide through the air. Join John Smith from Canungra Sky Sports as he explains the science at play when hang gliding.

DIY – Musical Widget
Have you ever wanted to create your own musical instrument? This week Hayley will be showing you how to do just that! It may not be as pretty or sweet sounding as a guitar but with just two pop sticks, a straw and some rubber bands you can make an instruments that is uniquely yours!

Watch this experiment now! Email us for experiment instructions!

Aerial Circus
For Lisa and Taylor from Cirkidz flying through the air is just a normal part of an everyday training session. Join them as they explain how science helps them spend as much time off the ground as humanly possible.

So join Dr Rob this week for a full-filling frenzy of fantastic fun when once again when the ordinary becomes extraordinary, under the SCOPE.

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