Scope Season 3 Episode 117 FORENSIC EXAMINATION

Forensic Examination

EPISODE: 3/116 Forensic Investigation

Forensic Investigation: There’s mystery afoot this week on Scope as we investigate the science around forensics! Dr Rob makes his way out to a crime scene to get the low down on police forensic investigations, things heat up when we look at the science behind how fires are started and we find out what happens when the chemical hazard team is called out to an emergency.

Scope Forensics - Crime Scene:
Dr Rob heads out to a burglary and teams up with Scenes of Crime Investigator Nicole Tadina from Queensland Police Service to try and catch the culprit!

Scope Forensics – Police HQ: Dr Rob’s adventure into forensic science continues as he heads over to Police Headquarters to decipher fingerprints with Neil Hayes from the Fingerprint Bureau and analyse blood samples with Kane Gordon from the Queensland Police Service’s scientific branch.

DIY Science – Chromatography: We join junior scientists Charlie and Alex from Scotch College as they use a technique known as chromatography to help solve a crime.

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Fire Forensics:
Fires can be both deadly and destructive, that’s why it’s important for people like Daren Mallouk from the Fire Investigation Unit to figure out how and why they happen.

Chemical Spill: Emergencies aren’t just fires, floods and felonies. Dr Damien Reid from the Fire and Rescue Scientific Branch of the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services specialises in a different kind of emergency; chemical spills!

All that and more on an action-packed episode of SCOPE; where the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

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