Get your taste buds ready for a deliciously scrumptious look at the appetising science behind the stuff we eat! Join Dr Rob as he tests out his taste sensitivities, visit the lab at a drinks factory and find out what they do to check the quality of their products, and try your hand at some DIY science by using a strong magnet to search for iron in cereal!

Taste Test
Taste is a pretty weird thing – some people love particular tastes, while others find them disgusting! To find out why, Dr Rob heads to The University of Queensland to chat to taste expert Dr Eugeni Roura and put his taste sensitivities to the test!

Cracker Factory
Check out some baking on a very large scale as Sam Tucker from Tuckers Natural takes us on a tour of his factory to see the ingredients, machines and science that goes into making crackers!

Experiment: Iron in Cereal
Yep that’s right, you can find traces of iron in your cereal! But don’t worry, this metal is supposed to be there as it is an essential nutrient in our diet. Junior Scientist Tom steps us through the metal finding process!
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Cooking with Cole – Maillard Reaction
Step into Cole’s Kitchen and find out all about a very common chemical reaction – the maillard reaction. Believe it or not it is responsible for the golden brown colour of toasted bread and the seared brown layer on grilled meat!

Drinks Factory Lab
Factories aren’t all about machines... there is a lot of testing that goes on behind the scenes as well! Rhett Glanville from Bickford’s Australia takes us into the lab at a drinks factory to make sure their products are up to scratch!

So quench your thirst and feed your hunger for science, as Dr Rob once again proves that the ordinary becomes extraordinary, under the SCOPE.

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