Scope Season 3 Episode 070 FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD


EPISODE: 3/070 Food Glorious Food

Food Glorious Food: Food glorious food, hot sausage and mustard! While we're in the mood, cold jelly and custard! On this episode of SCOPE we take a look at the science behind the wonders of the culinary world! There are some delicious desserts, some carrots that go crunch and some lava grilled steaks!

Mmmm Science: We head out to Burch and Purchese Patisserie to take a look at some of the sweet science that goes into making the culinary sensations that are Daeen Purchese’s desserts.

Baking Bread: It’s all stations dough with Sarah McDonnell from the University of Adelaide as she explains the research she’s doing to make bread last that little bit longer.

DIY Science – Ice Cream: Ever wanted a bowl of ice cream but wasn’t quite able to convince Mum and Dad to get you some? Well luckily for you, junior scientists Lucy and Brittany from Ferny Grove State High School show you how to make your own ice cream with just a few simple ingredients and some scientific know-how!

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Crunchy Carrots: Vegetables may not be your favourite, but after looking at them through confocal laser scanning microscopy like Sofia Oiseth from CSIRO you may develop a new appreciation for this unappealing yet important food group.

All that and more on a fascinating, albeit mouth-watering, episode of SCOPE!

Watch Scope Season 3 Episode 070 FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD now!