Fire Science


Heat up your TV with this episode of SCOPE, dedicated to some of the hottest science around - fire! To get you warmed up we check out the science behind fireworks displays, then we go hot on the trail of a fire investigation expert and also learn about the red-hot strategies required to monitor bushfires! We finish off with some fiery research on fire fighter fatigue! 

We give you the ‘works’ on fireworks! There’s a lot more to fireworks than the dazzling display that lights up our night sky, and Chris Corbee from Spectrum Fireworks explains it all!

Scope in a Flash
Ted delivers some hot news about a fire fighting robot called the Thermite.

Fire Investigation
A building on fire is not something that’s tricky to spot! But what can be tricky is figuring out the cause of the blaze. Rod East and Michael Wrigley from the Melbourne Metropolitan Fire Brigade take us through the clues that fire investigators look for when determining the exact cause of a fire.

Experiment – Rocking Candle
Junior Scientist Annalise experiments with some fiery science by making a see-saw candle. Watch this experiment now! Email us for experiment instructions.

Bushfire Monitoring
It takes a lot of work to keep a big bushfire under control! Learn who’s involved and what they do to help when Craig Lapsley from the State Control Centre in Victoria reveals all there is to know about monitoring bushfires.

Fire Fighter Research
We know that heat, smoke and lack of sleep can take a real toll on the performance of fire fighters, but exactly how much? Dr Brad Aisbett, Exercise Scientist from Deakin University, shares his research on fire fighter fatigue.

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