Grab you favourite hat and slap on some sunscreen as we head out into the field to see what sort of science lurks outside the lab. We meet specially trained fox detection dogs to find out how they are helping to outfox the foxes on Phillip Island, we talk to a Google trekker who braves the outdoors so you don’t have to and we find out all about the weather that goes on in the most remote of places- deep space!

Fox Detection Dogs
It’s hard outfoxing one of Australia’s most evasive introduced species, but for English Springer Spaniels Sam and Jazz it’s just another day on the job. Stuart Murphy and Craig Bester from the Fox Eradication Program tell you all about how the four of them are tracking foxes on Victoria’s Phillip Island.

Google Trekker
Ever wanted to visit the Grand Canyon or the Galapagos Islands but haven’t made it there yet? Well now thanks to people like Hugh Jenkins and his amazing Google Trekker machine you don’t even have to leave your house to visit these global landmarks.

Giant Gippsland Earthworm

Dr Beverley Van Praagh takes you through all the research on the habits and the biology of one of the world’s rarest and most unusual worms.

DIY – Backyard Bio-Diversity
It’s time to get outdoors and track down some science with junior scientist India.  She shows you how you can investigate how many different species of animals and plants live in your backyard.

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Space Weather
Finding out what the weather outside is doing can be as simple as looking out a window. But things get a lot trickier when its space weather you want to observe. Luckily for us Dr Brad Carter from the Mt Kent Observatory is here to teach us all about the ins and outs of inter-galactic meteorology.

From the field straight to your frontal cortex tune in for another episode of SCOPE, where the ordinary becomes extra ordinary.

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A special thanks to Tourism Victoria for their help with the Google Trekker story!