EPISODE: 3/057 Field Science 2

Field Science 2: Slap on some sunscreen, grab your favourite hat and lace up your boots as we head out into the field to see what sort of science lurks outside the lab. We meet a plant that texts when it’s thirsty; We take to the skies with a UAV that spots koalas and we learn all about the science of weather prediction!

Ecological Monitoring: The ecosystems that make up our environment are constantly impacted by human activities. Greg Ford from Balance! Environmental has the important task of monitoring, reducing and eventually reversing the effects of these negative impacts!

Texting Plant:
Plants are pretty impressive. They can convert sunlight into food, absorb nutrients through soil and now, thanks to Kaviya Kalyanasundaram from the Australian Science and Mathematics School, even text!

DIY Science – Tree Measuring:
An important part of any field science research project is collecting data. Join junior scientists Caitlin and Vishal as they show you how to measure both the height and age of tree groups.

Watch this experiment now! Email us for experiment instructions!

Koala UAV: We take to the skies with Felipe Gonzalez and Gavin Broadbent from Queensland University of Technology and their latest UAV, built for the express purpose of spotting elusive koalas!

Meteorology: Ever wondered how the weatherman knows if it’s going to rain or shine? Well it’s all thanks to Meteorologists like Andrea Peace from the Bureau of Meteorology! Join her as she shows off the equipment she uses to decide whether to pack an umbrella or not!

For that and all the latest science from the field tune, in for another episode of SCOPE, where the ordinary becomes extra ordinary.

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