Scope Season 3 Episode 089 FESTIVE SCIENCE


EPISODE: 3/089 Festive Science

Festive Science: Holmium Holmium Holmium, that’s Ho Ho Ho if you’re familiar with your periodic table, and welcome to a very festive episode of Scope! In the spirit of the season we’ve unearthed all the spellbinding science the holidays have to offer. We ask the experts at air traffic control how they track Santa’s sleigh, we find out why an Australian white Christmas is out of the question and we look into what it takes to raise Santa’s little helpers.

Radar Tracking: These air traffic controllers oversee 4 million flights a year carrying over 90 million passengers, but there’s one flight in particular that keeps them on their toes during the festive season. Join Stephen Dunn from Air Services Australia as he explains how air traffic controllers help the “Man in Red” get his job done on time.

Let it Snow: A white Christmas is a common occurrence in Europe and North America, so why aren’t we afforded the same luxury here in Australia? Andrea Peace from the Bureau of Meteorology is here to answer that exact question!

Prawn Farming: Prawns are a delicious addition to any Christmas meal! But exactly how do they get there? Well, as Nick Moore from Gold Coast Tiger Prawns explains, it’s not as simple as you might think!

DIY Science – Festive Globe:
Join junior scientist Hayley as she creates a festive glitter globe and learns all about the wonderful world of molecules along the way!

Watch this experiment now! Email us for experiment instructions!

Raising Santa’s Helpers: They may be known for pulling Santa’s sleigh but did you know Australia has its own special breed of reindeer? Katrina De Laine from Hahndorf Venison tells us all about the Australian version of Santa’s little helper.

So snuggle up next to the TV, grab some eggnog and prepare to have your mind blown as once again the ordinary becomes extraordinary, under the SCOPE!

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