EPISODE: 3/008 Fast and Slow 

Hold on tight and brace yourself! This week on SCOPE you’re in for a science-y ride as we discover some of the fastest and slowest science around. Jump aboard a rollercoaster and find out why science is an important part of the fun! Head to the zoo to discover everything you need to know about world’s slowest reptiles, and train with some top athletes and find out how their coaches test their speediness! You can even try some speedy science of your own by experimenting with some lollies and soft drink to create one fast and fizzy chemical reaction!

Rollercoaster Brakeman
Find out what science and rollercoasters have in common! Ride the Luna Park rollercoaster with Brakeman Adam Nagy and see how science plays a big part in speeding up and slowing down this popular theme park attraction.

Giant Aldabra Tortoise
Meet the slowest reptile in the animal kingdom! Adam Lee, Reptile Keeper at the Melbourne Zoo, introduces us to the giant aldabra tortoise and shows us how he monitors their growth.

Experiment: Lolly Catalyst
Join Junior Scientist Phoebe as she experiments with some lollies and soft drink to create a super speedy chemical reaction! Watch this experiment now!   Email us for experiment instructions.

Sports Speed Test
Warm up and get ready to race! Run alongside some elite athletes at the Victorian Institute of Sport and find out how their coach, James Karageorgiou, tests their speed.  

Time Lapse Microscope
Check out how scientists speed up slow-moving things under the scope! Nigel Waterhouse, Senior Microscopist from the QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute, gives us a tour of his lab and shows us how he creates cell videos using a special microscope.

Put on the brakes, slow down, and join Dr Rob as once again the ordinary becomes extraordinary, under the SCOPE.

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