EPISODE: 3/046 Engineering

Engineering: Grab a hard hat and your favourite high-visibility vest as we set out to engineer an episode all about exactly that: engineering! There’s some smelly science as we harness the power of the toilet, we look at a robot inspired by one of the deadliest sea creatures on the planet and discover what it takes to travel past the speed of sound!

Building Construction 101: Ever wondered what it takes to construct the high-rise buildings that make up the metropolitan skylines of the world? Well wonder no more as carpenter Jared Johnson from Hutchinson Builders gives us a lesson in creating these modern day wonders.

Toilet Power: It may be an odd thought; but what goes down your toilet may one day keep the lights running in your bathroom. Well that’s according to engineering students James, Natasha, Charlie and Nishanth from the University of Adelaide who have developed a toilet and plumbing system that could one day power your house!

DIY Science – Hydraulics: When you think of hydraulics, bulldozers, compactors and draw bridges probably come to mind. But did you know that you can build your own hydraulic system? Junior Scientist Phoebe shows you how!

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Sea Snake Robot: Sea snakes are one of the most elusive creatures on the planet, making them very difficult to study. So just how have Yolanda and Aboma from the University of Adelaide engineered their way out of this problem? By building a robot sea snake of course!

Hypersonics: Traveling at several times the speed of sound is serious business for engineers, designing materials for hypersonic space travel. PhD student Elise Fahy explains how they’re able to test what happens way up there and all the way down here with her hypersonic expansion tubes!

So prepare yourself as Dr Rob performs an engineering wonder by proving once again that the ordinary becomes extraordinary; under the SCOPE.

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