Scope Season 3 Episode 124 ECOTECH


EPISODE: 3/124 EcoTech

On this episode of Scope we find out what happens when the environment and technology collide. Not only can they live in harmony, they can help each other out! We check out the amazing life of coral, we learn how to make crystals from eggs and we explore ecosystems with our ears!

Lights, Camera and Coral: The stars in Brett Lewis’ nature documentaries may be slow, but they’re still rather spectacular! Join him at Queensland University of Technology as he explain how he’s able to capture the movements of these amazing creatures!

Smarter Street Lights: Imagine if the streets lights were able to see you coming and light the way just for you! Well imagine no more!  Priscilla Corbell and Peter Auhl from Adealide City Council introduce us to the new smart street lights gracing our streets!

Weed Fuel: Weeds can be pesky backyard intruders! But as Caitlin Byrt from the University of Adelaide explains, they might one day be used to run our cars!

DIY – Egg Geode: Crystals can be found everywhere, from salt to snowflakes to diamonds! Junior Scientist Luci shows us how she makes crystals in egg shells and they are egg-cellent.

Watch this experiment now! Email us for experiment instructions!

Greenhouse Laser: Our planet relies upon a delicate balance gasses, which makes monitoring these gases very important! Meet Associate Professor David Ottaway and Dr Ori Henderson Sapir from the University of Adelaide who have developed a new laser which can detect greenhouse gasses over long distances.

Acoustic Monitoring: Dr David Tucker from Queensland University of Technology lets us in on how he eavesdrops on a forest to find out how natural sounds can speak volumes about an ecosystem’s health!

So join Lee in the lab for an eco-tech filled episode of SCOPE: where the ordinary becomes extraordinary!

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